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Parenting Preschoolers—The Tender Years

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The Tender Years is a Book of wisdom for moms with preschool children. It not only instructs and guides; it also encourages, inspires and connects.

It contains thirty short chapters focused on various aspects of the daily life of moms, with its joys, fears, hopes, challenges and everything in between. Interspersed with poignant poems that express and relate to the hearts of moms, this Book will bring a smile on one page, a sigh on another, and an "aha" on still another.

Guaranteed not to overwhelm with "to do's"and "not to do's,"The Tender Years is a gift of refreshment to sometimes harried, sometimes harassed and oftentimes happy moms.

Written by Geri Laing and Elizabeth Laing Thompson, mother and daughter, grandmother and current mom of preschoolers, The Tender Years offers distilled wisdom and fresh experience.

Elizabeth says in her part of the introduction: "This Book is intended as an encouragement to young mothers in a time of life that vacillates from heartwarming to hilarious; from exhausting to exasperating a kaleidoscope of emotions that often hit all at the same time. We hope our words encourage you to walk closely to God, to maintain your spirituality and your sanity, to follow biblical wisdom instead of worldly ways, and to be confident in your parenting."