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Perseverance: Hanging on to Jesus through Hebrews

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The letter of Hebrews is a pivotal document in the history of the Christian faith. It bridges the gap between the Old and new Testament and clearly outlines the supremacy of Christ. It emphasizes his deity; the greatness of his sacrifice and the preeminence of his new covenant.

It was written to Christians generally, but especially those of Jewish descent. It addresses disciples who have "been around"for some time but have not matured in faith as they should. The author warns that greater persecution is coming and he is concerned that they are unprepared and will not endure.

The power of Hebrews lies in its call to hang on to Jesus to weather the storms of doubt and fear. This series will help you persevere with your faith and your trust in Christ.

The audio contains 8 hours of in-depth messages, and includes a 44-page outline and a Powerpoint presentation.