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Prophets I—The Voices of Yahweh

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A lifetime of compelling Bible study awaits us in the lives and preaching of the prophets. The prophets of the Old Testament were bold, spiritual, devoted, radical and peculiar people. They broke social norms and set traditions aside. They ventured into deep waters, exploring the truth about God, religion, humanity and sin. The more you study the prophets, the more they influence you to listen to and obey God's Word as expressed through His Scriptures.

Chapter topics include:

  • How studying the prophets can change your life
  • Defining "Prophecy"
  • Superheroes or ordinary men?
  • From the Patriarchs to the Judges
  • Samuel and the rise of the monarchy
  • The Charismatic Prophets: Elijah
  • The Charismatic Prophets: Micaiah and Elisha
  • Classical Prophets and the Ultimate Prophet
  • The Northern Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom
  • Exile and Restoration