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Prophets III—Prophets of the Babylonian and Persian Periods

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The third volume of Voices of Yahweh covers the prophets of the Babylonian and Persian Periods. It competes the trilogy of prophets of the Old Testament. You can read each Book independently of the other two volumes.

The Prophets covered are as follows:

  • Zephaniah Ben Cushi: The Prophet of the Yom Yahweh
  • Habakkuk: The Philosopher
  • Nahum of Elkosh: The Poet
  • Jeremiah of Anathoth: The Prophet Par Excellence
  • Ezekiel Ben Buzi: The Prophet of the Exile
  • Daniel: The Prophet of Righteousness
  • Haggai: The Prophet of the Temple
  • Zechariah: The Seer
  • Malachi: The Prophet of Rejuvenation

The Prophets of the Babylonian and Persian Periods contains a critical introduction to each of the above-mentioned prophets. Each section contains material that clarifies what is occurring in the biblical text. Historical, political, archaeological, and geographical material is found alongside theological teaching. The material begins with an overview, moves to more detailed information. and culminates with a practical lesson that disciples can apply to their Christian life.