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Raising Awesome Kids (Kindle)

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Parenting in a Fast-Paced World
Cell phones, ipads, FaceBook, Twitter, an economy on a rollercoaster ride–life has changed dramatically since the first edition of Raising Awesome Kids in 1994. All of these changes can leave parents feeling that they are falling even further behind in doing what is already just about the hardest job on the planet.

Sam and Geri Laing remind us that though times change, thankfully the principles of God's word do not. As parents we need to be aware of what is going on around us, but continually return to Scripture to find the unchanging and infallible wisdom we need.

All the material in the previous edition has been updated, and three new chapters have been added to address the:
  • technological advances that can bewilder us
  • pressures of a society whose pace of life is increasing and whose morals are decreasing
  • ever-present need of parents to connect on a heart level with their kids
The Laings say, "The original Raising Awesome Kids helped a whole generation of Christian parents raise their kids. It is our prayer that this new and updated version will do the same for the moms and dads of the new millennium."
Part One: Foundations
  • Chapter 1: First Things First
  • Chapter 2: Husband and Father
  • Chapter 3: Wife and Mother
  • Chapter 4: New Mother
Part Two: Fundamentals
  • Chapter 5: The Four Essentials
  • Chapter 6: Winning Obedience from Children
  • Chapter 7: God's Training Plan
  • Chapter 8: Nurturing Confidence in Children
Part Three: Fabric
  • Chapter 9: Foundations of a Spiritual Family
  • Chapter 10: A Close Family
  • Chapter 11: Anxious Parents
  • Chapter 12: Heart-to-Heart Talks
Part Four: Finishing
  • Chapter 13: A Torrent of Technology
  • Chapter 14: Sex and Dating
  • Chapter 15: Special Life Situations
  • Chapter 16: Conversion