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Reading, Praying and Living the Psalms

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The Psalms: How to read them, understand them, and pray them. This Audio set is a practical workshop in improving our relationship with God through studying the longest and most quoted book in all of Scripture. This Audio series workshop was
recorded before a live audience in Orlando, Florida.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Hebrew Poetry:
  • How to Read the Psalms
  • Lesson 2: Psalms of Revenge:
  • How to Pray the Psalms
  • Lesson 3: Doctrines True and False:
  • How to Study the Psalms
  • Lesson 4: Psalms Pointing to Jesus:
  • The Place of Psalms in the Canon
  • After studying through this series you will understand the Psalms in new ways and it will help you apply those truths in your walk with God.