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Repentance A Cosmic Change of Heart & Mind Apple/Android

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"Whatever happened to repentance?" has more relevance for our time than any other question we can imagine. In this Book, Ed Anton has done a stellar job in a very readable fashion to refresh and awaken our need to bring back repentance to our lives and churches. He covers the topic with deep insight and practical application. Here are some of the chapter topics exploring the subject:
  • Whatever Happened to Repentance?
  • What Is Repentance?
  • A Gallery of Repentance Illustrations
  • John the Baptist Completes the Prophets' Preparation
  • Jesus Opens Our Eyes
  • The Cross Compels Our Hearts
  • The Apostles Transfigure Our Minds
  • Worldly Sorrow Brings Death
  • Godly Sorrow Produces Repentance
  • The Holy Spirit Convicts Us
  • The Church Reorients Us
  • Making Personal Application