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Return, Restore and Rebuild

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The theme of the post-exilic books: Repent, Return, Restore, and Rebuild. God came and judged his people for their unfaithfulness. They lost their inheritance in the Promised Land. God's patience has been exhausted and the consequence of their rebellion is taking place. God judges his people, but also comforts his righteous remnant.
The historical background for the post-exilic books can be found in Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Israel, and later Judah became idolatrous, went after other gods and other nations for their protection and became unfaithful to Jehovah.
Powerful lessons can be learned from these prophets. They reveal the nature of God, but aptly describe our tendency to fall into materialism and worldliness. But most important, they reveal the way back to God.
The series includes 12 hours of study and includes Word, PDFs and powerpoints.

About the teachers: Dr. John M. Oakes is President of Apologetics Research Society. James D. Shults is a graduate of Abilene Christian University (Missions and Psychology) and spent 21 years as a missionary in Brazil. He serves as an evangelist in San Diego, California.