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Mysterious. Confusing. Intriguing. Symbolic. Deep. Difficult. Literal. Futuristic. All these words and many others have been used to describe the final Book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation. Misunderstood. Misinterpreted. Misapplied. These words speak of the "missed" message of Revelation in light of today's prevailing humanism, hedonism and hypocrisy.

Inspiring. Crucial. Radical. Victorious. Compelling. Challenging. Thrilling. Strengthening. These are a few of the right words concerning this awesome Book. They describe God's intent for our hearts to be lifted and for our souls to be revived after spending time with the apostle John on the island of Patmos. In Revelation Revealed, Gordon Ferguson unlocks and unleashes God's powerful and timeless message contained in Revelation, a message that will revolutionize each individual life!

Gordon presents a chapter-by-chapter analysis of Revelation. He explains the symbols, reveals the overarching themes and shows how the early Christians understood it. Most important, he relates how Christians should respond to Revelation today.

There is so much misinterpretation of Revelation that Gordon covers these topics in the Appendix.

Appendix 1: The Premillennial Doctrine

Appendix 2: Matthew 24: End of the World or End of an Age?

Appendix 3: Thy Kingdom Come (But when did it come?)