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Romans The Heart Set Free (Kindle)

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2021 Updated Edition - Kindle Version

Religion binds us. Grace and faith set us free. In large part, this is the message of the letter to the Romans. Considered by many to be Paul's greatest written work, Romans shows us the power of sin, the failure of normal religion to deal with it, and the absolute victory we can have over it through faith in the blood that was shed on the cross.

In this book, Gordon Ferguson delves into what he believes just may be the most important book in Scripture. Gordon will help you to understand the message of this great epistle as never before and this understanding can set your heart free. What is more, once you get Romans, God gets you.

Gordon covers a number of important topics on the book of Romans such as:

Why did Paul write Romans?

  • Paul's passion and secular sinfulness
  • Religious sinfulness
  • Universal sinfulness
  • Righteousness in Abraham
  • Righteousness through Christ
  • Dead to Sin Alive in Christ
  • Dead to legalism
  • God's right to make his choices
  • Israel's lack of true faith
  • The Christian and the government
  • Tolerance in handling our differences
  • Purposes of the mosaic law
  • The new edition includes three appendixes