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Scriptures to Grow On

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Scriptures to Grow On–A Topical Index of Scriptures for Parents and Children.

  • My daughter has a problem with her self-esteem. What does the Bible say that will help her feel positive about who she is?
  • My child has the job of feeding the dog every morning. What scripture can I share to help him be responsible?
  • My son as been caught cheating on tests at school. Is there a scripture that will help him have conviction about what is right?
  • Our family needs a great devotional time to help the kids not give in to peer pressure. What could the theme scripture be?
  • All parents at some point ask the question, Where is a great scripture to bring home this point to my child?

We want to help our children hide God's word in their hearts so they can live to please him. But we have to help them find God's word before they can hide it in their hearts. Scriptures to Grow On is designed to help you find practical scriptures that apply to everyday life situations.

"...from infancy you have known the holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus."2 Timothy 3:15