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Single Women and Sexuality

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Sheila Jones has had single women and their needs on her heart for many years. She has spoken and written on this subject often, telling single women: "God created you to be a woman, to be a sexual being, and he said, 'It is good!' And you can be 'at peace' with your sexuality."

Recorded in Nashville before a group of single women, these two messages offer a candid discussion about sexuality that includes the following:
Series One

  • Track 1: What Is Sexuality All About?
  • Track 2: Understanding that you are a sexual being
  • Track 3: Understanding how your sexual past affects your view of sex
  • Track 4: What God's view of sex is
  • Track 5: Why such a distorted view of sex through the years?
  • Track 6: Satan's promises versus God's promises
  • Track 7: God's view of you and will for you as a single woman.

Series 2

  • Track 1: Understanding and Dealing with Sexual Temptation
  • Track 2: What specifically is sexual sin?
  • Track 3: Temptation is not sin
  • Track 4: Why so open about this?
  • Track 5: Sexual thoughts and dreams
  • Track 6: What about masturbation?
  • Track 7: Use your imagination for God.