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Small-Town Heroes

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A stunning upset. A small-town sense of pride. A five-decade drought. A father's death. A humble resolution. A hopeful return to championship form.

Much more than a story about basketball, Small-Town Heroes is focused on the game of life, full of valuable information on the real definition of success and the right direction to travel to find it on every front--from sporting events to spiritual pursuits, education to economics, family life to friendship, leadership to love.

Hoosiers inspired us to dream big and never count out the underdog. Field of Dreams took us on an unusual journey and ultimately touched our hearts when we discovered the depth of a father-son bond. And Saving Private Ryan put us on a path to gratitude for any heroic activity rendered on our behalf. In Small-Town Heroes, you'll be given a glimpse of all three by spending some time in a closely-knit community in the state of Washington where you'll come face-to-face with success on the small-town stage.