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Strong in the Grace

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A little Book with a big message!

The gospel of God's grace, writes Tom Jones, "is not the only message we should be passionate about, but without emphasis on this grace, our passion for other themes may very well do more harm than good." Beginning with a close examination of what Paul meant by the "trustworthy message," Tom Jones presents the case that the grace of God is the trunk of the tree from which many other biblical teachings, including discipleship, relationships and evangelism, must grow.

This is a much-needed book because of the ancient and modern tendency to move from a grace model to a performance model. He charges us as individuals and as a church to take seriously Paul's charge to be "strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus" (2 Timothy 2:1) or, he asserts, we will not be strong at all. It is not enough to include the message of God's grace as one topic among many and have it on a list of things we believe. It must truly become the core of our faith and the deepest conviction from which all else flows.

Tom says, "My prayer is that this Book will point us to the heart of God's healthy message and will help us to restore an emphasis on the gospel of God's grace."