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The Baptized Life

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Does your baptism mean more than you think?

In this unusual look at the life of a follower of Jesus, Tom A. Jones, examines the various meanings of baptism described in the New Testament. He shows it to be a transformational, even radical event rich with meaning, one for the disciple to come back to again and again to bring clarity to his or her walk with Christ.

From this book you will:

  • Gain new insights into the connection between baptism and the Kingdom of God that was breaking in during the time of John the Baptist and Jesus.
  • See how baptism is connected with nearly every major New Testament theme from repentance to forgiveness, from death to sin to the resurrected life, and from the Holy Spirit to a vital fellowship in the body of Christ.
  • Understand why the kingdom life and the disciple's life is really the baptized life. While the disciple's relationship to God is viewed through the lens of baptism, the emphasis is kept on Jesus—how baptism derives all its meaning from him, from the grace that comes through him, and from faith that is placed in him and not in baptism itself.

This book will deepen your appreciation of baptism, but, most of all, it will call you to live differently because biblical baptism is always into Christ.