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The Brotherhood of Believers

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What if time-travel really did exist and you were transported back to Jerusalem around 35 A.D. to spend a few weeks with disciples of Jesus Christ. Would you need to change any of your current beliefs and practices to fit in with that group of people? What if God sent you a DVD in the mail that showed an overview of first-century discipleship. Would you be offended or caught off-guard by what you saw?

Though neither of those events are realistic possibilities for learning more about what really happened nearly two-thousand years ago, reading The Brotherhood of Believers will be a great substitute putting you on a path to better understanding the faith and focus of those who dedicated their lives to following the teachings of Jesus in the foundational stage of Christianity.

Come join the author, Curt Simmons, on a fictional journey back to the incredibly exciting times of spiritual revival and renewal described in great detail in the Book of Acts. See it through the eyes and heart of an ordinary man who was privileged to participate in the extraordinary events that turned the first-century world upside down.