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The Cross of the Savior

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The message of the cross was perplexing to Jews and Gentiles alike a scandalous stumbling block to Jews and a meaningless act of self-sacrifice to Gentiles. But to us as Christians it is the power and wisdom of God, the focal point of our faith. It is the light that shines in our darkest night. It is the hope that keeps us sane when all are losing their heads. It is our lifeline when we are drowning in the muck. It is our only hope in a dark and sinful world.

Mark Templer presents the cross from the perspective of Jesus and numerous witnesses of his redemptive ordeal. In Part One, we are ushered into the heart and mind of Jesus through his statements before and during his crucifixion. In Part Two, we see the cross through the eyes of believers and nonbelievers: Peter, John, Jesus' mother, the thief on the other cross, Pilate, Simon of Cyrene, and several others.

Each chapter concludes with a story about inspirational Christians in Indian churches who exemplify the characteristic highlighted in the chapter.

Templer says, "It is my prayer that as a sinner at the foot of the cross, the reflections I share in this Book will draw you closer to our wonderful, amazing Savior, and comfort you in times of need, inspire you in times of discouragement, and ignite your faith in God so you can serve him with all your heart the rest of your days."