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The Essential 8: Marriage (8-Week Video Series)

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What is The Essential 8: Principles of a Growing Marriage all about?

Simply put, this is a hands-on video workshop to help you get your marriage on a solid spiritual foundation and keep it there. It is an eight-week plan designed for individual study on a daily basis, and in a small discussion group once per week.
This video is designed to be used with a companion workbook of the same
title. Here are the eight principles that are covered:

  1. The First Principle: Jesus is Lord
  2. The Second Principle: Know Yourself, Know Your Spouse
  3. The Third Principle: Communicate: Clearly and Kindly
  4. The Fourth Principle: Husbands: Love and Lead
  5. The Fifth Principle: Wives: Admire and Adapt
  6. The Sixth Principle: Solid Stewardship
  7. The Seventh Principle: Hot and Holy
  8. The Eighth Principle: Love for a Lifetime