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The Essential 8: Principles of a Strong Family Kindle

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What is The Essential 8: Principles of a Strong Family all about?

Simply put, this is a hands-on workBook to help you get your family on a solid spiritual foundation and keep it there. It is an eight-week plan designed for personal study on a daily basis and in a small discussion group once per week.

We will take you on a journey of discovery of the Essential 8 Principles (E8) the bedrock concepts you need to understand, believe and implement so as to build a family that is close, spiritual and thriving.

And just who is E8 for?

It is for all parents, from the youngest to the oldest, whether with a spouse or a single parent; from the classic Mom and Dad family to the blended family. The E8 principles are applicable and indispensable in every situation of life.

Yes, much of what we write is directed at the two-parent, spiritually based family. But the principles of family building in this Book are not limited to this situation; they are adaptable to others as well. Here are the eight principles that will be covered:

  1. First Principle: First Things First
  2. Second Principle: Family Fabric
  3. Third Principle: Heart-to-Heart Talks
  4. Fourth Principle: Resolve, Repair and Forgive
  5. Fifth Principle: Godly Priorities, Sane Schedule
  6. The Sixth Principle: Church Connection
  7. Seventh Principle: Faith, Fun and Laughter
  8. Eighth Principle: Family Spirituality