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The Faith Unfurled: New Testament Survey

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The Faith Unfurled: new Testament Survey is the counterpart to Foundations for Faith: Old Testament Survey. Each contains 16 lessons and an accompanying handbook.

Chapters cover everything from the Gospels and Acts to the Life of Paul; from handling the "contradictions" of the Bible to how to read (and understand) Revelation. There is copious background material, including information of a historical, geographical, and theological nature that sheds valuable light on the new Testament. You will find three examinations to test your knowledge, and eight helpful supplementary chapters will sharpen your interpretative skills, including a concise bibliography of helpful books and websites.

Whether a newcomer to the new Testament or a veteran student, you will benefit richly from this series. Bible study, as Dr. Jacoby explains, is meant to be an adventure. Let him help you as you continue to seek God's will in the pages of his Word.

16 Lessons and a 104-page pdf.