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The Grief Journey: Finding Peace in All of Life's Losses Kindle

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Dr. Timothy Sumerlin 's The Grief Journey: Finding Peace in All of Life's Losses explores the remarkable restorative healing power of Jesus Christ in times of loss. The Grief Journey focuses on helping participants through their grief recovery journey in a safe and confidential group setting. Rather than avoiding grief, as so many of us are prone to do, this Book helps us take a hard look at the issue in a productive and healing way. I would heartily recommend this practical, faith-affirming program for anyone who has or is currently experiencing the pain of grief due to the loss of a parent, child, spouse or other loved one. – Jim McCraigh, author of The Power of Brokenness – The Language of Healing

Tim has been a constant source of encouragement and a listening ear for me the last two years particularly. Tim 's vulnerability in this Book helps you understand his grief journey not just as a professional counselor, but as a disciple, husband, father, son and friend. He has chosen to find God in his grief and to help many others. Grief Journey is Tim 's giving back what God has given him." – Roger Lamb, Disciples Today

Dr. Timothy Sumerlin addresses the sensitive subject of grief by masterfully weaving in his personal journey through losses in his life. This guide helped me see the process of grief in a fresh and innovative way, different from the well-acclaimed Grief Recovery Method. It teaches us how to honor those we have lost while at the same time helping us to deal with unresolved issues. Dr. Sumerlin beautifully combines our faith in Christ with our journey through grief. I highly recommend this handBook to those who struggle through loss and desire God 's hand to guide them through. – Erica S. Kim, author of Finding His Footprints in the Sand: God 's Grace to Women in an Ungracious World. Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.