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The Guilty Soul's Guide to Grace Apple/Android

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Writing from the fresh perspective of an avowed "guilty soul," Sam shares from his life experiences and from the Scriptures what grace does and does not mean in the Christian's life.
He writes, "For many Guilty Souls, grace is the unclaimed prize. It has been given, but never truly received. Oh, we believe in grace in the sense that we know we need it to be saved and that we could never make it to heaven without it. But in another sense, grace remains dormant. It is the unopened gift, the blessing not enjoyed. It is accepted only in theory, but not in practice. It is absent in our emotional life, in the real world in which we live and move and have our being."
Not wanting us to stay in our bondage, he helps us understand, accept and apply grace in practical ways to our everyday life. Once we grasp even the hem of the garment of God's grace, it softens our hearts. It reasons with our minds. It empowers our will. It heals our emotions. It leaves us not merely forgiven, but triumphant. Not merely free, but empowered to love, to live, to be happy.

What are you waiting for? Take off the chains that Jesus died to free you from. Realize that it is for freedom that Christ set you free!

Chapters are grouped into three sections: