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The Heart of a Champion - Disciple Today Media Store
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The Heart of a Champion

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Powerful readings based on inspiring athletes and great biblical themes.

There are few human events that are more stirring than the Olympic Games. The courage, the determination, the sacrifice, the commitment we see in many athletes moves us, sometimes even to tears.

The qualities that made for great athletic endeavors did not go unnoticed by the biblical writers. Paul and others saw the Christian life as a great race, requiring disciples to apply to the spiritual realm many of the vital qualities that made one an athletic champion.

This Book, built around the theme of the Olympic Games and the lives of those who have left lasting impressions, will stir the hearts of disciples of Jesus Christ around the world, helping many to run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

It can be used for 30 days of inspirational quiet times and the editor, Toney Mulhollan, has used these stories as outlines for effective Bible Talks.

Here are the thirty athletes covered below:
  1. Day One–Spiridon Louis: The Race Marked Out for Us
  2. Day Two–Vladimir Salnikov: The Power of Training
  3. Day Three–Wilma Rudolph: Weakness Turned to Strength
  4. Day Four–Tamás Darnyi: Incredible Dedication
  5. Day Five–Lasse Virén: Restoring the Glory
  6. Day Six–Lis Hartel: Determination That Defeats Discouragement
  7. Day Seven–Babe Didrikson Zaharias: Using All Your Talents
  8. Day Eight–U.S. Hockey Team: The Power of Team
  9. Day Nine–Emil Zátopek: From Dull to Daring
  10. Day Ten–Olga Korbut: Set an Example
  11. Day Eleven–Shuhei Nishada & Sueo Oe: Eternal Friendship
  12. Day Twelve–Herb Elliott: Not Without Coaching
  13. Day Thirteen–Jackie Joyner-Kersee: The Impact of Family
  14. Day Fourteen–Eric Liddell: The Power of Deep Convictions
  15. Day Fifteen–Bob Beamon: All Things Are Possible
  16. Day Sixteen–Rafer Johnson: Overcoming Injury
  17. Day Seventeen–Agnes Keleti: Holding To the Dream
  18. Day Eighteen–Adhemar Ferreira da Silva: Straining Toward What Is Ahead
  19. Day Nineteen–Kip Keino: Pressing Through the Pain
  20. Day Twenty–Jesse Owens: Victory over Intimidation
  21. Day Twenty-one–John S. Akhwari: Finishing What You Start
  22. Day Twenty-two–Jim Abbott: No More "I Can't"
  23. Day Twenty-three–Oksana Baiul: Overcoming the Sadness
  24. Day Twenty-four–Dan Jansen: After the Falls
  25. Day Twenty-five–Lawrence Lemieux: The Interests of Others
  26. Day Twenty-six–Michael Johnson: Learning from Failure
  27. Day Twenty-seven–Louis Zamperini: Never Give in to the Enemy
  28. Day Twenty-eight–William Collins: The Power of Consistency
  29. Day Twenty-nine–Gabrielle Douglas: The Power of Inspiration
  30. Day Thirty–Glenn Cunningham: Never Quit