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The King Jesus New Testament

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Why do I call this translation the King Jesus Translation? The primary theme of the ministry of Jesus was “the Kingdom.” The gospels tell the story of King Jesus entering the world to establish, teach, grow, explain, and bring people into—his Kingdom. The word Christ (Christos in the Greek) means “Messiah” or “Anointed One.” Another way of saying that is—King. Jesus is King. King Jesus.

Why another translation of the New Testament? There certainly are plenty of great translations available in English. I offer this translation because I’ve always enjoyed reading different translations of the Bible. I find that when I read a new and unfamiliar translation, words and ideas jump off the page and grab my attention. This is why I read from different translations. I have dozens in my library.

Use the King Jesus Translation as a secondary Bible. Use it to get a little different flavor of how the Bible can be translated.

This is a new word-for-word translation. Steve translated the text literally, compared his word-for-word translation to the original text, and then edited and translated into a modern English syntax, in the hope of making the text more readable. The product of this process is a thought-for-thought translation or what is known as a dynamic equivalent or functional equivalent translation. Called the King Jesus Translation for the primary theme of the Jesus' ministry was "the Kingdom."

I hope you enjoy this translation. I don’t expect it to gain wide use, but if it helps one apprentice of King Jesus draw closer to him and his Kingdom through reading it, then I’m grateful and happy. —G. Steve Kinnard

Size: 6  x  9. 400 pages.