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The Kingdom of God, Volume 3

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In this book, you will see how consistently in the Scriptures we find ideas that reinforce Isaiah's prophecy: "They will beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they learn war anymore." The Kingdom of God is not of this world, but living it out now on earth has major this-world implications. Included in that would be a revolutionary approach to our enemies, to war and to violence.

Tom A. Jones believes that Jesus calls us to join him in this business of enemy-love and peacemaking, not because of a verse or two here or there, but based on the essential nature of Jesus and the Kingdom of God. This book is a plea for us to reject the world's wisdom, and instead to embrace the "foolishness" of God's wisdom and a love greater than all our fears.


Chapter 1 – Thank You for Your Service

Chapter 2 – Man’s Wisdom or God’s?

Chapter 3 – The Prince of Peace: He Is Coming

Chapter 4 – The Prince of Peace: He Has Come

Chapter 5 – The Teaching of the Early Church

Chapter 6 – Just War Theory

Chapter 7 – The Military Experience

Chapter 8 – Good Questions

Chapter 9 – Better Questions

Chapter 10 – The Toughest Question

Chapter 11 – Practical Particulars

Chapter 12 – A “Disputable” Matter?

Chapter 13 – Summing Up

Chapter 14 – Mind Change… “But God”

Appendix – Kingdom Love for Enemies