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The Major Message of the Minor Prophets

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The Major Message of the Minor Prophets: "Called by God"by Dr. Gregg Marutzky lays out the major themes of each of the twelve books of the minor prophets. He begins with an exploration of the background, historical and cultural setting of the prophets. Gregg then highlights the themes of each book and how to apply those truths to the Christian life. Here are the books and the main themes of each.
Hosea: 750-715 BC
The Unconditional Love of God
Joel: Circa 835 BC
The Day of the Lord
Amos: 767 BC -753 BC
The Righteousness of God
Obadiah: Circa 850 BC
Pride and Prejudice
Jonah: Circa 760 BC
The Prophet Who Refused to be a Missionary
Micah: 740-700 BC
Nahum: Circa 660 BC
The Justice of God
Habakkuk: 607-605 BC
Doubts, Questions, and Waiting
Zephaniah 630-620 BC
Haggai: Circa 520 BC
House of the Lord
Zechariah: Circa 520 BC
Malachi: Circa 432-425 BC
Things Not to Say to God!