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Where are the men and women who will stand amazed at the love of God? Where are those who will be desperate for Jesus? Where are the sold-out slaves of Christ? Where are those who will deny themselves daily and freely give their time, their talents and their money to the cause of Christ? Where are those who will be obedient even unto death? Where are his lovers—those who will go to school, go to work and go to the mission field to win souls for Jesus? Where are the adventurers, the explorers, the pioneers who will go anywhere, do anything and give up everything? Where are those who will love their neighbors across the street and across the globe? Where are the men and women who will cry out to God to give them one more soul to save…and then one more…and still one more? The answer is you and me. We all need to be devoted to the task of bringing the good news to everyone we meet. This book tells thirty stories of men and women who are on the front lines of evangelistic work around the world. You will be moved and inspired to make disciples in your neighborhood, your city and all the world.


William and Kristen Lambert, Madrid, Spain • Glenn Petruzzi, Portland, Maine • Drew and Jennie Mines, Charlottesville, Virginia • Arthur Kuzur, Cinderella Jacob, Gulbarga, India • David and Nadia de los Santos, Kiev, Ukraine • Rafael and Yosahandi Salguero, San Martin, Argentina • Rob and Chelsea Novack, New York City, New York • TJ and Sonia Masilamani, Jakarta, Indonesia • Mike Corpuz, Manila, Philippines • Shiva and Ketou Murthy, Sikkim, India • Jon and Rachel Buchhoz, Milan, Italy • Collin Urbani, Munich, Germany • Jack and Amalia Legon, London, England • Remo, Tlale, Johannesburg, South Africa • Kevin Miller, Boston, Massachuetts • Nick and Josie Ziegler, San Antonio, Texas • Felix and Ashley Tokwepota, Papa New Guina • Rotimi Awaye, Lagos, Nigeria and more...