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The Power of Spiritual Thinking (Second Edition)

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This is what Jesus produces, and that is what this Book is all about.

"The way you think determines the daily course of your life," says Gordon Ferguson. Our normal way of thinking is often negative, humanistic and selfish. Spiritual thinking is an whole different approach that unleashes the power of God in our lives.

In his down-to-earth style, Gordon calls us to do more than modify our behavior-we can experience an internal revolution that will, in turn, affect those around us.

The Power of Spiritual Thinking will be just as helpful to the mature disciple as to the newest Christian. This updated Second Edition has five additional chapters.

1. A Forgiving Spirit
2. The Rest of the Story
3. Buy Now and Pay Later
4. The Easy Way Out
5. Emotions and Spirituality
6. In Touch and Out of the Pit
7. Ambition from God or Satan?
8. Money the Root of All Evil?
9. Escaping the Performance Trap
10. Don't Cry over Spilt Milk!
11. The Power of Negative Thinking
12. I Was Born This Way!
13. Disappointed
14. The Big Black Brothers' Club
15. Spiritual Thinking versus Doctrinal Thinking
16. Sentimentality Normal but Unspiritual
17. Heaven Can Wait!
18. Even Though..., God!
19. Don't Waste Sin
20. Doubt Your Doubts, Not Your Faith!
21. Is Your Hindsight Really 20/20?
22. Just Get Over It!
23. Faith in Closed Doors