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The Prideful Souls Guide to Humility

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There are few books on the topic of humility, and of those few, most are classics whose authors died many years ago. This book is contemporary and tackles an issue that is at the heart of true Christianity. A book on this topic is refreshing and challenging, and deserves a twenty-first century treatment.

Chapters are group in three parts:

  1. Humility and Spirituality
  2. Humility and Relationships
  3. Humility and Life

Subjects covered:

  • The problem with pride
  • The basis for humility
  • The humility of Jesus
  • Humility and the cross
  • Walk humbly with your God
  • What humility is not
  • God's work in humbling us
  • Humility towards all people
  • Humility in marriage
  • Humility in parenting
  • Humility in leadership
  • Humility in suffering
  • Humility in convictions
  • Humility in success
  • Humility in talent
  • The pursuit of humility
  • The power of humility