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The Radical Edge: The Message of the Minor Prophets

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The Minor Prophets were radical men teaching a radical message from a radical God to people who were not being radical in the right ways. Considering the challenges that we face in reaching the world with the gospel, while enduring the persecution that such endeavors produce, the messages of these men of God can help us immensely. We need to drink deeply from these Old Testament prophets, for they were chosen by the same Jesus whom we now serve. As they thought, so must we. As they taught, so must we. And as they lived, so must we on the radical edge for God!

Lesson 1: Radical Men for Radical Times
  • Introductory Setting
  • Lesson 2: The Radical Love of God
  • The Book of Hosea
  • Lesson 3: God's Radical Hatred of Materialism
  • The Book of Amos
  • Lesson 4: God's Radical Plan to Deeply Discipline, Yet Bountifully Bless
  • The Books of Joel and Micah
  • Lesson 5: God's Radical Condemnation of the Nations
  • The Books of Zephaniah and Habakkuk
  • Special Study: The Problem of Evil and the Existence of God
    Lesson 6: God's Radical Control of the Nations
  • The Books of Obadiah, Jonah and Nahum
  • Lesson 7: God's Radical Hope for the Future
  • The Book of Zechariah
  • Lesson 8: God's Radical Demand for Remaining Radical
  • The Books of Haggai and Malachi