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The Radical Life of Elijah Audio

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Do you want to live with the confidence that you are surrounded, and protected, by God's chariots of fire?
  • Elijah teaches us to stand up and be counted. He reminds us that all believers are called to speak out prophetically. Indeed, unless we are ignoring the Holy Spirit, we cannot help but do so.
  • Elijah reminds us that the status quo is seldom worth preserving.
  • His story reminds us that the way can be lonely. We find our true niche, and calling, when we are connected to others who share the same spirit of faith.
  • The Elijah scriptures also teach us what we need when we're down spiritually.
Bold, direct, and confident, 9th-century-BC prophet Elijah knew firsthand that God meant everything he said. If only Israel lived by the law of the Lord, she would fulfill her mission of being a light to the nations and enjoy a deep and rich relationship with her God.

A holy God cannot ignore negligence. And yet the Law was being neglected. Then as now, God's people too often preferred the less challenging message of the popular prophets. Opposition to his radical platform was intense, but that didn't stop Elijah a fiery man of faith from taking a stand and boldly declaring the word of God!

Ten Lessons from the Ministry of Elijah

1. Introduction
2. Elijah's Gutsy Life and Israel's Apostasy
3. Taking a Stand: Elijah on Carmel
4. Down in the Dumps: Elijah in the Wilderness
5. Elijah and the Whisper: How God Speaks
6. The Miracles of Elijah
7. Elijah and Elisha: Mentoring Relationships
8. The Last Days of Elijah
9. Elijah as a Pivot Between the Testaments
10. Summary and Conclusion