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The Sacred Journey: Finding God in Caregiving

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As unsung heroes, caregivers continually pour out their lives for their loved ones. Caregivers also need care. Through a collection of personal stories, the authors of The Sacred Journey: Finding God in Caregiving offer encouragement, inspiration, information, and comradery from their own caregiving journeys and from the Scriptures. They understand the challenges and struggles for faith and normalcy while caregiving, and vulnerably share lessons learned from their journeys, lessons that helped them more clearly discover God’s presence, kindness, and support. Whether you give care to a loved one, know someone who is a caregiver, or wish to learn how to better support caregivers, this book is for you.

From the foreword: After spending an hour or so with this book, a very clear thought came to my mind: “I need what is written here!” You see, after many years of being on one side of the caregiving journey, for the last three or four years, I have been on the other side. Caregiving, even among the strongest of us, can be draining, exhausting, and frustrating. It can wear you down and push you to the limits. But lonely caregiving, caregiving without comradery, caregiving without the knowledge that others understand, and caregiving without the insights and faith of others can be downright devastating. This book will help countless people avoid that outcome and find faith, strength, meaning, and, yes, joy in caregiving.    —Tom Jones, author of numerous books, teacher, founder and former editor of DPI

This is a magnificent book! It’s a book I wish I’d had before my own caregiving experience prior to the passing of my dear husband. Jeanie and her friends relate the physical and emotional stress of caregiving with raw honesty and humility. From those trials they found unique opportunities for spiritual growth and declare it worth the struggles. This is a must-read!   —Linda Brumley, author