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The Spirit and the Disciple

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The Holy Spirit is the most misunderstood and most mysterious member of the godhead. Christians are as intrigued about the workings of the Spirit as we are about the ways of God for they are one. In this three part series, Douglas will help you understand how the real power of Christianity comes from deep within us. Not a psychic power, or intellectual drive, but a power source given directly by God. As the Spirit of God dwells in us we are given a dynamic power that empowers us to change our lives, our churches, and the world.
  1. Lesson One: The Spirit and the Disciple explains how we are energized to live the Christian life; maintain balance and perspective even through hardships; and stay energized to remain outward focused.
  2. Lesson Two: Gifts, Grace and Guidance helps us understand the toolbox of gifts that the Spirit gives; reminds us that the Spirit is a spirit of grace; and sheds light on how the Spirit guides us.
  3. Lesson Three: Upside Down reveals the true nature of zeal that the Spirit imparts to our lives, and the freedom the Spirit produces in our lives.