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The Unveiling

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Introducing God...

"Bring back the floats, strike up the marching band and don't bother with the umbrella. The sun is out and so is God. Grab your lawn chair, get a friend and watch God go by. He will ooh you, aah you and altogether amaze you. He will send you home happy you came. A parade of lights that will turn yours on." –from chapter one.

Nothing in life is more important than knowing God. It is my conviction that our attitudes, decisions and ultimately our joy-level are directly proportionate to our understanding of who He is. My goal is simply to point you back to your Creator–thus clearing your thoughts, encouraging proper and godly decisions, and helping you find happiness God so desperately desires for every human being.

As you read this Book, you will find many quotes from the Bible. In some cases I have discussed the context; in others I have not. However, in all the examples used, especially in chapters 7, 8, and 9, reading the entire chapter or Book in the Bible will only strengthen the main point of this Book–God is amazing!

The overall purpose of this Book, is to unveil God the Father. This Book will not solve your problems—only inform you more about the problem-solver. This Book will not get you to heaven–only point you to the carpenter currently working on your mansion. This Book will not make you happy, only introduce you to the author of the smile.

Enjoy this read, and say a prayer for my wife and I as we share Jesus in the great city of Warsaw, Poland.