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The View from Paul's Window: Paul's Teaching on Women (Apple/Android)

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_____________________________ Contents ___________________________

Part 1: Digging into Scripture

Chapter 1: Meeting Exo-Jesus and Herman Newticks

Chapter 2: Culture Matters: The Garden Culture and Redemption’s Counterculture

Chapter 3: Paul’s Window Seat

Chapter 4: The New Woman: The Burning of the Bras Veils

Chapter 5: Church Culture in Corinth and Ephesus

Chapter 6: Addressing Dressing: You Were What You Wore

Chapter 7: Soap Opera or Scripture? Childbirth, Widows, Deception, Silence, Authority, and Order

Chapter 8: How Silent Is Silence?

Part 2: Aiming Toward Progress in Partnerships

Chapter 9: Partnership and Unity in Ephesians Five

Chapter 10: Embracing Paradoxes

Chapter 11: Women as Fellow Workers

Appendix A:  American Chattel Slavery as Compared to Ancient Greco-Roman Slavery

Appendix B:  Historical Highlights and Lowlights of Women: From Paul’s Day Through the Restoration Movement 

Appendix C:  New Wineskins Retreat: A Powerful Example of Inclusion