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The Warrior Workbook Apple/Android

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The Warrior WorkBook is the essential guide to accompany Sam Laing's Book Warrior. A warrior cannot win a war by himself. We need brother warriors to inspire us, challenge us, and fight alongside us as trusted friends. The Warrior WorkBook will help you grow daily as a warrior, and give you detailed help in building a Warrior Group in your own ministry.
The Warrior WorkBook features:
For every warrior:
  • Practical ideas for growing as a warrior for the Lord
  • 4 bonus chapters: The Enemy, The Battle of Background, The Warrior's Worship, and The Warrior and Women
  • 42 Discussion Guides (you will need these guides when you join a Warrior Group)
For Warrior Group leaders:
  • User's Guide: Invaluable tools to help you build a Warrior Group
  • The Warrior's Toolbox: Instruction on how to establish and lead a group
  • 42 Discussion Guides for Warrior Group meetings
For church leaders:
  • A plan for establishing Warrior Groups in your church (applicable for churches of any size)
  • A 10-week lesson plan for studying Warrior with the men in your church at midweek services

Are you longing to advance into battle for our Lord? The Warrior WorkBook is the battle plan you need to get started and keep marching on to victory!