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Thirty Days at the Foot of the Cross

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Nothing tells us more about life than this death. No event shows us more the character of God. No speech ever spoke so clearly about the values we all need. What happened when Jesus of Nazareth went to that hill outside the city gates will never in this world be fully understood. No scholar, preacher or poet can really take us to its depth. No one can fully fathom the mysteries that are here, but the closer we can get to it all, the better we will be.

What we propose to do is to spend thirty days thinking about the event that was like no other. I understand our unworthiness to come here, but I also know that the very nature of the cross allows us to do so. If, with the help of God, we do it well, these thirty days will lead us to a lifetime of living with a new perspective and a greater appreciation for the power of God.

Writers include: Tom and Sheila Jones, Al Baird, Randy McKean, Marcia Lamb, Gordon Ferguson, Javier Amaya, Jimmy and Maria Rogers, Joanne Webber, Dan and Julie Bathon, Wyndham Shaw and more.