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Understanding Sexual Behavior in Children

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How to Be Proactive In Educating and Protecting Your Children

Dr. Michael Shapiro and his wife, Dr. Mary Shapiro, are practicing child psychologists and authors of the book, Rejoice Always: A Handbook for Christians Facing Emotional Challenges. As professionals with a deep faith in God and an unwavering commitment to the Bible, the Shapiros have helped many parents and children work through difficult times and challenging problems in their lives.

In this two message presentation, the Shapiros will help parents to know how to

  • Talk about sex with children at different developmental ages
  • Recognize normal responses to exploring and understanding sexuality
  • Be aware of signs of inappropriate sexual behavior by a child or toward a child
  • Realize if there are indications of sexual abuse
  • Approach your children about any of these concerns
  • Respond if indeed abuse has occurred

Because of the rampant sexual sin in our world, we need to arm our children with information to help them have an appropriate understanding of sexuality for their age and also have some warning about and protection from sexual advances from others. It is comforting to hear from professionals who are parents themselves and who have a commitment to help others navigate challenging waters in the lives of their children as they mature.