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Unshackled: Diary of Prodigal Son Kindle

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Unshackled takes us on the spiritual, emotional and psychological journey of a modern day prodigal son. Primed to be one of today's spiritual leaders, Kit Cummings's success as a minister ill prepared him for the dark turn his life took. Plagued by an addictive past, confronted by a disillusioned flock, and angered by a seemingly absent God, Kit left the shelter of God's arms for the chains of worldly pursuits. Alone, depressed and on the run, Kit would experience his greatest suffering, realize his worst fears and squander the Spirit within. It took an old friend in shackles to set him on the course to true freedom and help him find his way back home. Unshackled is the true story of one man's spiritual search that became inextricably linked to an unlikely group of random individuals on the road to Redemption. If you've ever been in chains and longed for the keys to true freedom, allow Unshackled to be your guide!

Advance Praise for Unshackled

"Unshackled is for everyone that has been in the valley. This Book will restore your soul."
Shelia P. Moses, Author, Playwright and Producer

"Unshackled is a bona fide page-turner. As a Christian and professional athlete, I'm always looking for something to inspire me, and Unshackled did just that."
Mack Strong, 15-year NFL Veteran and Pro Bowl running back

"There are many people who have spiritual comeback stories, but Kit Cummings's approach to the redeeming power of God hits on all cylinders!"
Antonio Boyd, Vice-President North American Programs for HOPE worldwide ltd.

"With warmth and genuineness, Kit Cummings's Book Unshackled shows the grace and beauty of a spirit that never quits and tells a story that is compelling and triumphant."
Alesia Alexander Layne, Executive Director, Project Karma, Inc