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Vol 01 ARS The Existence of God

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How can we share our faith in Jesus with a person who has no basis for belief that God exists? How can we establish the inspiration of the Bible for people who do not even understand the concept of authority? How are we going to explain Christian faith in a postmodern world which has abandoned the idea of truth? Cleary, the solution is not simply to read a passage of scripture and explain it. We need to understand how to defend the Bible and explain the proofs of inspiration.

The Existence of God will prepare you to communicate the truths of God's existence and help you answer the skeptics, but to also help the sincere seeker of God. There are eight lessons total.

1. Christian Apologetics: Purpose and Goal
2. Brief History of Christian Apologetics/Types of Christian Apologetics
3. Atheist Arguments Against the Existence of God
4. Why Atheism Fails
5. Theistic Arguments I
6. Theistic Arguments II
7. The Nature of God
8. General Question & Answer Conclusion