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Vol 02 ARS The Bible: Reliability, Inspiration, and Inerrancy

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How do we defend the reliability of the Bible? How can we establish the inspiration of the Bible for people who do not even understand the concept of authority? How are we going to explain Christian faith in a postmodern world which has abandoned the idea of truth? Cleary, the solution is not simply to read a passage of scripture and explain it. We need to understand how to defend the Bible and explain the proofs of inspiration.

The Bible: Reliability, Inspiration and Inerrancy will prepare you to effectively communicate and defend the reliability of the bible. It will prepare you to show how God inspired the Bible and how we can know that it has been translated and preserved correctly. The set includes Four Parts with eight messages covering the topics below. Included with powerpoint presentations.

  • 1. General Introduction
  • 2. New Testament Documents
  • 3. New Testament Canon
  • 4. Old Testament Documents and Canon
  • 5. Contrast: Extrabiblical documents
  • 6. Contrast: Scriptures of other Religions
  • 7. Definition & Defense of Biblical Inspiration
  • 8. Definition & Defense of Biblical Inerrancy
  • 9. Alleged Bible Contradictions
  • 10. Internal Evidence: Consistency, etc.
  • 11. The Bible: The Best Book of All Time