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Vol 08 ARS Jesus and Christian Apologetics

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How can we share our faith in Jesus with a person who has no basis for belief that God exists? How can we establish the inspiration of the Bible for people who do not even understand the concept of authority? How are we going to explain Christian faith in a postmodern world which has abandoned the idea of truth? Clearly, the solution is not simply to read a passage of scripture and explain it. We need to understand the world view of the unreligious. We need to explain Christianity in ways that connect with modern man. We need to repair the defensive posture of the Christian world toward the findings of modern science. Paul modeled this behavior when he gave his apologetic argument to the Greeks in Athens (Acts 17). We need to be trained to do the same thing in our own modern versions of the Areopagus.

Jesus and Christian Apologetics will prepare you to defend the uniqueness of Jesus. There are nine lessons on five DVDs. A bonus CD contains powerpoints and outlines.

1. Who is Jesus of Nazareth?
2. Jesus and Other Religious Leaders
3. Extra-Biblical Sources on Jesus
4. Reliability of the Witnesses
5. Messianic Prophesies
6. The Jesus Myth Hypotheses
7. Transformed Lives
8. The Miracles of Jesus
9. The Resurrection