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Vol 09 ARS Apologetics and World Religions

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Understanding the teachings of various world religions is important in the area of apologetics. We must understand the worldview and teaching of all the major religions if we are to effectively reach them with the gospel.

Apologetics and World Religions will prepare you to effectively do this. The video series includes four DVDs with eight classes covering the topics below and a bonus CD that has an eight hour audio presentation on world religions that also includes a powerpoint presentation.

Topics covered:
1. Introduction to World Religions
2. Understanding worldviews
3. Hinduism
4. Buddhism
5. Taoism
6. Jaina
7. Confucianism
8. Shinto
9. Sikkism
10. Islam
11. Judiasm
12. Bahai
13. Scientology
14. Christian Science
15. Mormonism
16. Jehovah's Witness
17. Seventh Day Adventism
18. Roman Catholicism