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What Happens After We Die?

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The long-neglected biblical teaching on what happens after death

What happens after we die? There are few questions more universal than this. We all want to know what happens when we die. No matter our religion, culture, or social status, no one is indifferent about death.

But exactly what happens the instant we die? Is there a second chance for those who did not turn to the Lord during their earthly lives? Do we become angels, floating up in the clouds, or ghosts, restlessly roaming the earth? Do we go down a tunnel of light? Are people even conscious of what happens between death and Judgment Day, or does our soul simply go to sleep? Do we go straight to heaven, and keep an eye on our friends and family still on earth?

In this book you'll find surprising insights in to what the Bible teaches about the afterlife. You'll learn...
  • commonly held beliefs about the afterlife
  • what the early Christians believed about life after death
  • why most Christians think heaven is now, even before Christ has returned
  • who ends up in Hades
  • what the Bibles teaches about eternal punishment