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What the Qur'an Really Teaches About Jesus

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Who Is the Jesus of Islam?

Jesus is revered in the Islamic faith—but is he the same Jesus Christians claim as their Savior?

James K. Walker, president of Watchman Fellowship, takes you through more than a dozen major similarities and differences between the Jesus of the Bible and the Jesus of the Qur’an. You will learn…

  • how Islam affirms biblical concepts, even though it diverges from Scripture
  • how the Qur’an promotes a deep respect of Jesus, while not identifying Him as a Savior
  • how to cultivate conversational relationships with Muslims, despite your different beliefs and faith backgrounds

As Islam continues to spread rapidly across the globe and increases opportunities for personal interaction with Muslims, it’s vital that you handle all matters of the Christian faith with wisdom and discernment. The more you know about what the Qur’an teaches, the better equipped you’ll be to understand current events and to reach out with truth and love to your Muslim neighbors.